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Gynae Problems

Diffrence Between PCOS & PCOD

PCOS and PCOD are two different diseases that affect women's health. They are also two distinct disorders. While PCOD is an autoimmune disorder, PCOS is a hormonal problem. The difference between the two diseases can be explained by their symptoms and treatment options. In the case of PCOS, it affects the ovaries and testicles; in the case of PCOS treatment, it affects the endometrium (the lining of the uterus) and the fallopian tubes. PCOD on the other hand is a hormonal disorder that affects women's health in general and not just ovaries or testicles; therefore, it can be treated with different drugs such as birth control pills or even surgical procedures to remove both ovaries and testicles from women’s bodies. If ovaries are not affected, the type of PCOD is likely to be different. In the case of PCOD, any kind of pregnancy-related complications can also occur. A pregnant woman who suffers from this disorder would become pregnant without ovulation and low in hormones.

14 Sep 2022